The water supply comes from a natural spring and is fed into an underground reservoir which holds 10,000 litres. Therefore an underground engineering room is required, which is an area of  five cubic metres and accessible via a vertical shaft. From the reservoir the water is pumped to the hut over a distance of 500 meters and a simultaneous vertical distance of 60 metres. It then continues to flow through the water treatment charcoal, microfiltration and UV-irradiation to kill any coli bacteria remaining in the water because the spring is located in the pasture area.
Afterwards the purified water is directed into a water tank with a volume of three cubic metres and from here it is fed to the water supply of the hut.

The toilet is powered by rainwater which is collected in a cistern. The officially prescribed waste water treatment is a three chamber waste water treatment plant with solids separation and subsequent biological clarification in a plantation area. The residues are collected in a filter bag system and fed to the humification site.

Electricity is generated via a five-kilowatt photovoltaic system and two powerful back-up generators. The electricity is saved in batteries with a storage capacity of 1200 amp hours. A solar thermal system on the roof provides the hut with hot water for the kitchen and washing facilities and any excess is used for heating. This also helps in the winter to stop the temperature from dropping too low by passing dry and heated air into the building and thus avoiding damp and condensation.

All facilities, the power supply and the entire disposal have constantly been kept up to date by costly replacements and renovations over the years to correlate with the environmental requirements. This is why the Traunsteiner Huette counts as one of  the best examples of a hut in the German Alpine Club. Due to the hard work and dedication of the hosts Maresi and Tom, along with a combination of excellent cuisine (using mainly local products and fresh herbs), a variety of dishes and freshly baked cakes, you feel welcome from the very first minute.